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I'm Here For the Party...

...And I Ain't Leavin' 'Til They Throw Me Out...

dork queen extraordinaire
29 December 1963

Gorgeous Outstanding Temptress Hungering for Arousing Backrubs and Breathtaking Yeses

created by gothabby with Flickr toys

(image borrowed from CatinaJaneArts on Flickr)

I am: writer, poet, artist,
slash fan.
I've loved slash
since long before there was a term.

My fandoms: Supernatural,NCIS, CSI Las Vegas
and Miami, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Angel,Smallville, Bones, X-Files and,
most recently, Brokeback Mountain.

I have another LJ where I catalog my RL
musings. This LJ is strictly for
posting smutty, impure thoughts
about pretty, pretty men.

Favorite things: antiques, comedy, mystery novels, chocolate, classic cars,
erotic fiction, gossip, men kissing, shopping, writing,poetry,
gardening, photography,old movies,retro,kitsch,decorating,flea market art.

I spend inordinate amounts of otherwise valuable, help-the-less-fortunate time on LJ.

I dream of writing the great American novel,
probably when I am 75. And of visiting Africa, China and India.

I live with my high school sweetheart. He has two kids from previous marriages that I love.

I eat peanut butter out of the jar and never make the bed.

I have a bizarre fascination for shows like
Ghost Hunters, The Twilight Zone, and Coast to Coast AM.

I don't floss.

I enjoy making weird icons in Photoshop.

And Alton Brown is teh Sex.(icon by ami2024ever)

Enter the name of a celebrity or a movie title to search NudeBase™ and find out which male actors have appeared in the nude and where.

My other addictions:

Images by LJer lindsay_1986

Thanks to amavelbel for the layout. Header by me, made from
a screencap by setje.

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Heath Ledger is love.
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Divine is drag queen love.
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